How does Air Purifier work

How does Air Purifier work

How does Air Purifier work

Americans spend  an estimated $250 million annually on air Purifiers
for their respective homes, with asthma, and allergy sufferers
responsible for most of the sales.
Scientists reveals that many Air Purifiers are not effective at all
and some may be causing harm, while some are effective.
The notion of purifying air has merit however, and thus need for the question, How does Air Purifier work?
The air inside the home is generally dirtier than the air outside
because a house can be a  source of air contaminants.

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Although this may seem as new innovation to those who may not be
familiar with air Purifiers, air Purifiers have been around for more
than 200 years.
Air Purifier started as a protective mask for fire fighters and have
evolved over the years to now protect you and your family from air
born pollutants.

These are the few ways Air Purifiers work.

Air Purifiers filter out allergens and pollutants from the air that
can and cannot be seen by human eyes.
To remove these objects air Purifiers typically use filters,
electrical attraction, or Ozone.
Air Purifier filter utilize fine sieves that filter particles out of
circulating air.
As air flows into air Purifier, the finer the sieve inside of the air
Purifier, the smaller the particles in it will trap.

The more the air passes through a HEPA filter the cleaner the air become.
The room capacity of a HEPA air Purifier will determine whether the
air cleaner can handle your purifying needs.
HEPA filter brands like Germ Guardian air Purifiers offer an optional
medical grade ultra violent light system that will quickly kill
viruses, bacteria, and fungi when they enter air Purifier.
UV light also protects the HEPA filter from biological and viral contamination.

Electrical attraction is another technology air Purifier utilize to
trap particles.
There are three types of air Purifiers that work by using electrical
attraction, electrostatic precipitating cleaners, electret filters,
and negative ion generator.
A negative ion generator  can sometimes be sole cleaning element in
air Purifier or it can also work alongside a HEPA filter.

Electrostatic precipitating cleaners draw particles in by a  fan and
charge the particles with series of high voltage wires.
Electronic air Purifiers are perfect for individuals who don’t want to
worry about costly replacements of HEPA filters.

Electret filters in air Purifier use synthetic fibers that create
static charges to attract particles.
Electret filters are available in variety of types including plain,
pleated or disposal.

Negative ion generator are air Purifiers that use tiny charged wires
or needles to create gas molecules with negative charges or ion that
adhere to the airborne particles and collect in the filter.

Ozone can be hazardous to your health and both ozone generators and
ionic air cleaner emit ozone.
In atmosphere Ozone helps to protect us from  harmful UV rays, however
on the ground ozone is a powerful long irritants.

Finding an environmentally friendly solution for air purification has
become much easier over the years.
The right air  Purifier will provide asthma and allergy sufferers with
air that is free of harmful airborne pollutants.
Most importantly, an air Purifier will help to establish healthy,
clean air quality in your home that is safe for you and your family to

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