Nitblock project is a scam

Nitblock Reviews Nitblock Seems to be scam

Nitblock project is a scam

In my last posts where I reviewed Nitblock project, i said its a scam, and am not changing from it, Nitblock project is a scam.
Some wrote emails to us asking why we called nitblock project a scam, here is a proof since then after we have our findings,we registered on its website and joined the group chat were we discovered the whole findings

“I will never support project that have never said an ATOM of truth since it started” one of the group members wrote. “A project that take drastic decision without informing the scammed communities”. and he goes on

A project that lies all the times, that never stick to its words, all to deceive gullible and greedy people, A project without known Admins, all admins are disguised with no profile, no known names or details about them.

A project without proof of being registered, no website has a data base of nitblock, or any meaningful informaton about nitblock,  its only there site that has their name and information, how will ever be listed on major exchange?

A project with junk WEBSITE full of typographical ERROR, imagine admins writing to their members in an on official letters as if its a chit chat business? A project with only One Ambassador out of 7 claimed Ambassadors.

A project with no support, many people in the telegram group complain daily and no one responds, the support button on the site never comes online, you email their support and they will never reply,

A project created by Fraudulent people who have been in the crypto world for a while now!
Run from them, do not invest anything.
They lied too many times, saying the coin will be listed on major exchange it never did almost a year now, they lied that they will stop selling the token on their site so it can be in hands of few before being listed, right now they even increase number of available subscription channels including bitcoin! Run from scammers!

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