How to exchange nitblock token

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How to exchange nitblock token

in our last post, we reviewed nitblock and we said its a possible scam site, we are still following nitblock updates and will update you wit relevant posts about the site

After you have accumulated nitblock token on your account and wana exchange, here is a very simple way to exchange your token.
Remember the swap ratio is 10:1 which is ten is to one. If you swap or exchanged 1000 nitblock token, you will receive an equivalent of 100nitblock on your exchange wallet.

If you swap 100nitblock token on your nit block account, you will receive 10nitblock
And that’s goes on.

Now here is a common step on how to exchange your nbk token
First, download the particular app you want to use to exchange your token, you can either use imtoken wallet or trust wallet, which you can get by clicking the links on any of them,
After installing the apps and running the registration on the app, all you have to do then is click on the ethereum wallet ID, copy the wallet address and take it to your nitblock account, click on exchange token, input the amount of nitblock you want to exchange and its dollar equivalent will show up, then all you need to do is click on exchange.

if successful then you have exchanged your token successfully, all you now need to do is wait for it to arrive at your imtoken or trust wallet, this can take time to arrive, it can take hours or days or probably weeks, depending.
If you have not heard about nitblock before, you can visit their site or read our review

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