Scam in cryptocurrency 

Scam in cryptocurrency 

Scam in cryptocurrency 

In as much as cryptocurrency has grown in a diversified means, from the highest coin which is bitcoin to the lowest coin in the market. Scam in cryptocurrency is something one can not ignore since the success of bitcoin and other cryptocurrency has attracted more investors into the crypto market. This also attracted scammers who tends to use the success of cryptocurrency to scam people off their hard earn money in the name of investment and more.

Now lets go straight to the point here because this have eaten up many people and it will keep growing like a cancerous cell, if one is not aware.

Many sites comes up and says they are mining pool which one can invest their cryptocurrency in and mine more bitcoin in return.

Yes, it’s true one can mine bitcoin and other cryptocurrency either by buying miners and using high voltage and computers plugged to their miners connected to a router, or by joining a mining pool with a deposit to earn while the pool uses its power to mine for everyone in the system, just like is an official mining site everyone knows they are credible and not scam

This is what this scam phishing sites do, they copy the method of other mining sites and tends to organize plans that costumers can buy, promising them a very attractive income when they invest in a particular mining plan on their site.

They are also go as far as advertising on and other social media that they are very legit and not scam, but one can actually tell from their reviews online and their stipulated team members on their site, even the mouth watering return on each investment plan.

This is a very detailed scam that one has to be aware of in other not to fall victim, they might look so real with all proofs, but its not real, once you fall victims by investing on their investment plans, it is gone.

we initially wrote on most legit way to earn money in bitcoin, and we will keep updating that with time on the different growing coins in the cryptocurrency market.

All their transaction with you can not be traced because its a cryptocurrency transaction which has to be from ones wallet to another wallet, which will of course appear on their site. It can not be traced, and you do not know who is behind the admin panel.

On this note, one is advised not fall victim and not always on the verge to invest on any platform one sees!

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