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Donald trump scholarship for Africans is a false information



Donald trump scholarship for Africans is a false information 

Donald trump scholarship for Africans is a false information 

Many websites and social media handles keep saying that the president of united states promised and signed The scholarship for African students to come to USA to study on a free platform provided by the president of the country with the caption below

Donald Trump’s scholarship application is open to all Africans below the age of thirty-five (35). Thus, the Donald Trump scholarship application was approved by the current USA president Donald Trump for Africans. The sole purpose of this scholarship program was to help young Africans students who are eager for standard education but limited by resources. Hence, with the knowledge that Africa has a lot of determined and talented brains seeking assistance to advance it for the Motherland Africa. Also, this is an initiative of the Union of Africa

THIS IS FALSE!! Donald trump scholarship for Africans is a false information, THEY ARE JUST USING THIS TO ATTRACT TRAFFIC.

This information as posted by, and many other websites and social media handle on facebook is false and should be disregarded! The president of United state never signed such a scholarship program.

If he did, it would be on and, most top scholarship sites like did not have such on their site which nullifies the news and renders it void! Be careful on what you see on the internet and what you apply to, most of them are scams! Be wise.

Always make proper research before diving into anything and concluding on news and informations you see online.

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